“WTF?” Donations Update


Speaking with Congressman Lee Terry's Counsel

As a lung cancer advocate, I spend a lot of time encouraging others to become advocates for their causes and educating them on how they can do it, particularly in the social media sphere.

There could not be a greater time or need to mobilize the lung cancer community into powerful advocates – individual and collective – voices pushing for much needed awareness and funding for a disease that’s been neglected for 40+ years.

Advocates can be highly influential. Lung cancer needs MORE. We need to speak even louder for those who didn’t/don’t survive this beast long enough to even consider fighting “the other” battle: Lung cancer’s crippling PR problem.

Due to my passion for advocacy and my campaign’s mission to find that damn funding, I am directing all funds raised via my “WTF? (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer” social media campaign to the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Lung Cancer Alliance is the only national non-profit organization devoted solely to support and advocacy for all those living with or at risk for lung cancer. LCA’s mission is to reverse decades of stigma and neglect by empowering those with or at risk for the disease, elevating awareness and changing health policy.

LCA is working tirelessly to secure million more in public health dollars that go directly to research and early detection. It wants to change the statistics in the bar graph (below) BIG TIME. WE need to help make this happen!

Most probably don’t know that every private dollar provided to LCA can be leveraged at least ten fold in public health dollars.

Courtesy: Lung Cancer Alliance

Because LCA relies solely on private contributions to sustain its work, and because LCA’s and WTF’s missions are the same – asking where the funding is and going after it – I feel this is where WTF? contributions should go.

I will be doing some campaign work with LCA and hopefully some more congressional “stormin’.” I felt so at home hitting Capitol Hill to urge for support of the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act.

The experience brought back my love/hate relationship with politics (former life as a Mayoral press secretary), my love for going straight to the sources (former reporter) and passion for creating change – getting this Act passed – and more.

WTF? donations were previously directed to the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. I completely believe in the great work of BJALCF. It’s truly incredible what the foundation has been able to achieve in such a short amount of time. Of course, I continue to root for BJALF in all ways, shapes and forms. We all need to continue to work together to kick this beast.

"Stormin' the Hill"

As the WTF? campaign has grown and evolved, I’ve thought long and hard about where WTF? donations could have the greatest impact, given its mission. I am certain I have made the right choice.

As always, I would love your feedback.

  • Betsy Thompson

    Very wise choice.
    I also would like to add that there is a desperate need for a Lung Cancer Patient Fund.
    There are many private orgs.that help patients with other cancers-Lung Cancer has none.
    As evidenced in the disregard surrounding Lung Cancer,it is very difficult to find sponsors for our disease.
    Research and awareness are crucial, yet many patients struggle financially (no insurance,underinsured,or simply financially devastated).
    I know you are one of the few people fightin’ for the “little guys” – Patient Financial Support is another battlefield that needs conquering.
    Tragically, far too many LC patients haven’t the time to wait for legislative changes and need help with daily life, now.To date, I have found this to be the greatest area of neglect and possibly the most influential way to change the “face of Lung Cancer”.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • http://www.wtflungcancer.com/ Jennifer Windrum

      Betsy, thank you for you comments….and YES, that is a very good point
      regarding the patient financial support. In fact, I am now going to look
      into it!!! Hugs to you! Jen