Winfield’s Locket Releases New Song & Video For Those Impacted by Lung Cancer

OK, my excitement level is OFF THE CHARTS!  So, that song and video I’ve been telling you about – yes, that one specifically produced for the lung cancer community – here it is!

Below is the news release Winfield’s Locket will soon be sending out (you’re getting a sneak peek). I also have a few footnotes after the release.

I cannot thank everyone involved enough. It’s simply not possible.

Winfield’s Locket Releases New Song & Video For Those Impacted by Lung Cancer
“Taken Care Of” to Help Unite Lung Cancer Community
and Raise Funds for Research

NASHVILLE, TN (September XX, 2011) – Winfield’s Locket is proud to announce the release of “Taken Care Of,” a new song and video specially produced to help unite the lung cancer community and raise funds for research.  You can download “Taken Care Of” on iTunes here.

“It was an honor to be part of writing ‘Taken Care Of,’” say sisters Leslie and Brooke Martin of Winfield’s Locket.  “Sharing messages of hope through music is definitely something we are all about. We know several people who have battled this disease – a disease that has been overlooked for too long. We want to help in any way we can.”

“Anyone can get lung cancer – anyone,” says advocate Jennifer Stauss Windrum. “Most people don’t realize this. In fact, 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer today have either never smoked or are former smokers who quit decades ago.”

Windrum started a politically incorrect social media campaign called, “WTF? (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer,” after her mother, Leslie Lehrman (who never smoked), was diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of both men and women and the LEAST funded cancer.

Jennifer Windrum & Leslie Lehrman

Windrum and her Mom are raising awareness and funding for the disease by publicly chronicling Lehrman’s journey.

Windrum turned to long-time family friend, Jason Henke, to see if he could help unite the lung cancer community through music. Henke, who refers to Lehrman as “Mom #2,” is a composer, producer and manager of Winfield’s Locket.

The answer was a huge “Yes!”

“It was an honor for us to write and record ‘Taken Care Of,’ with the hope it would help bring encouragement and reassurance to my wonderful ‘Mom #2’ and all others who have suffered from lung cancer or will one day,” says Henke. “Watching her bravely fight has been so inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time.”

“Taken Care Of,” an incredibly uplifting acoustic song, was written by Henke, Leslie Martin, Brooke Martin, Jessica June Rose and Barbara Martin – a Nashville-based team of songwriters that contributed several songs to the critically acclaimed self-titled debut by Winfield’s Locket.

Mom #2 & Henke Family

Winfield’s Locket, with its fresh blend of roots, soul and country, is quickly becoming known by music critics, industry insiders, fellow artists and songwriters for its unmistakable sibling harmonies and remarkable songs that stretch conventional boundaries and expectations.

Windrum says stretching boundaries and challenging the status quo is exactly what needs to happen in the lung cancer world. The WTF? movement is gaining momentum within the lung cancer community, as well as national attention — with a recent profile in the Huffington Post and as a finalist in the 4th Annual Mashable’s Awards for “Most Creative Social Media Campaign.” But Windrum says the stigma attached to lung cancer has prevented the proper attention and research funding the disease desperately needs and deserves.

“We need to lift the stigma and finally make lung cancer prevention, early detection and treatment a national priority,” says Windrum. “There’s no doubt that ‘Taken Care Of’ will help bring the voices of lung cancer together, as one collective unit, to not only find strength and comfort, but to also be heard for change.”

Winfield's Locket - Leslie & Brooke Martin

Half of the proceeds from each download of the song “Taken Care Of” will be donated to the Lung Cancer Alliance – the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to patient support and advocacy for people living with lung cancer and those at risk for the disease – on behalf of “WTF? (Where’s The Funding) for Lung Cancer.”

“Winfield’s Locket’s song, “Taken Care Of”, is beautifully written. We hope it brings together the lung cancer community so people know they are not alone. There are many people who care and can help,” said LCA President & CEO, Laurie Fenton Ambrose.

A moving video produced by Al Hammond (of Awaken Films) shows the faces of lung cancer along with footage from the studio recording session of the song. Hammond graciously donated his time to create the video.

“As I began to work on the video, I learned a great deal about just how many people are affected by this horrible, under-funded disease,” says Hammond. “Then I saw how a mom and daughter from Nebraska are going to great lengths to make a difference. Awaken was just honored to be asked to be a part of this project,” says Hammond.

“We are so thankful for this opportunity to help the lung cancer community and think this song is one of hope and reassurance that we are, indeed, all taken care of,” say the Martin sisters.

Download “Taken Care Of” on iTunes here.

For more information:


Jason and I playing some music

Some footnotes (and the lyrics below). I find it fascinating how some things in life seem to magically come full circle. Jason (my Bro #3) and I share a love of music that dates back to, well….diapers. We danced and sang to Elvis in front of one of those huge record players everyone seemed to have in their living rooms back then.

We pretended to be VJs for Friday Night Videos and laughed our heads off while listening to our tape recordings. We thought we were so cool. Later on, I received my undergraduate degree in vocal performance. Now, Jason is off writing and producing songs and hanging out with Kenny Rogers.

Music moves me like nothing else.  It’s an indescribable connector, unifier. It can create an incredible bond, whether it’s between two people or a large group. For Jason and I, our past and love of music is colliding once again…but for a very different reason. And, no more pretending. A community we care deeply for is hurting. Lung cancer survivors, caregivers, their family members and friends are as tough as they come, but we know being #1 can be a very lonely and isolating existence.

Jason (Bro #3) and Me (Sis #2)

Now, Jason may not shake his hips like Elvis, but he and Winfield’s Locket are rock stars in my eyes. Oh, and get this – Jason is getting married. Guess what her name is? Leslie. Leslie Martin.

Full circle.
“Taken Care Of” Lyrics

Written by Brooke Martin, Barbara Martin, Leslie Martin, Jessica June Rose, Jason Henke

I sense your strength, I know it’s real
Just can’t describe how I feel
I don’t have to say a word, you understand
If anyone can read my heart, you can

If you can paint a water-colored sky
Set the sun and move the tides
Build a bridge across the great divide
There’s no doubt that I…am taken care of

You’re always here watchin’ over me
Healing pouring down, you set me free
I call your name, you answer me
Your word brings life, you’re all I need


When I’m weak, you’re strong
I don’t have to be alone

Leslie Martin:  Lead Vocals
Brooke Martin:  Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Jason Henke:  Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals

©2011 Winfield’s Locket Music (ASCAP) / Light In The Sky Music (ASCAP) / Friend’s Field Music (ASCAP) / Jessica June Rose Music (ASCAP) / Lit Like Beale Music (ASCAP)

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  • Tonia Ries

    this is absolutely gorgeous, Jennifer!

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