Video: My Mom’s Thank You to WTF? Community & Beyond!

Last week was a difficult one, with my mom, Leslie Lehrman, undergoing an emergency procedure to tackle Superior Vena Cava Syndrome a tumor in her neck was causing.

Diagram Dr. Fitch Drew for Us on the Hospital Whiteboard

Her subclavian veins were nearly 100% blocked, causing the blood to “back-up,” resulting in major swelling in her face, neck and arms. The cardiovascular surgeons at Mayo Clinic Hospital put two stents in her chest and things are now flowing properly.

Now, back to the main culprit – the tumor – and telling the radiation machine it better zap that damn tumor – OR ELSE!

We cannot thank you the WTF? community and so many others for your incredible outpouring of support and love!

Here’s my mom in her own words:

  • Mkmcgee

    Bless you Leslie…so good to hear your voice. Keep fighting on :)

  • escorts

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