Mom and her twin granddaughters.

Mom and her twin granddaughters.

“WTF?” (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer?

Yeah, you get the double-entrendre. Out with political correctness. It’s time to bring attention to the THE #1 cancer killer in the U.S and the LEAST funded.

My Mom, Leslie Lehrman, passed away on December 5th, 2012, after a six year valiant battle with lung cancer. She never smoked.

Mom and I became partners in lung cancer crime three years ago – making a pact to publicly chronicle her journey with lung cancer through a social media campaign to increase awareness and create change for this disease. To put a face behind lung cancer – the REAL face behind lung cancer.

We vowed to show and tell the good, the bad, the ugly and the worse than ugly throughout her journey….and to ask the tough questions. What about lung cancer could possibly be sugar-coated? Nothing…and we made sure it wasn’t.

Most people don’t know that 80% of new lung cancer cases are diagnosed in patients who have NEVER smoked or former smokers who quit decades ago.

Me & Mom

Me & Mom

Lung cancer is no longer just a smoker’s disease! It’s time to take the stigma OUT of lung cancer – smokers or not – and get lung cancer the attention and funding it deserves.

While we are making strides in lung cancer awareness and funding. It’s not enough. Not even close.

Cure? Sure, but we have major issues to tackle first. Until lung cancer becomes a treatable, manageable chronic disease, I will continue to loudly scream, “WTF” for Lung Cancer?”

In addition to many news stories, blog posts, etc., about “WTF?”, the campaign, was featured in the Huffington Post and was also a finalist in the 4th Annual Mashable’s Awards for “Most Creative Social Media Campaign.”

Please, don’t let my mom’s story become YOUR story too. Join the movement to make lung cancer matter!

All funds raised by “WTF?” go to the Lung Cancer Alliance, the only national non-profit organization devoted solely to support and advocacy for all those living with or at risk for lung cancer.